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When we look our best, we feel our best. Taking care of our self-esteem is important work.  Don't feel guilty about making time to look and feel better!



Your Summer Skin

by Natalie Fanell Bard, Education/Selling Specialist for Christian Dior Parfums

Summer is here and that means laying out by the pool or going on vacation to the beach, but is it OK for our skin? Heath officials say the sun is healthy for your skin, but those rays can also wreak havoc on your skin, if you don't protect it properly. What are the best products for you to keep that bronze look and also protect your skin while enjoying your time in the sun? Here are some tips for you to do just that, without feeling like you have a sweater on your face.

A cleansed face with the proper cleansers and toners is always the best way to start, whether you'll be adding makeup, or letting your natural beauty shine through. It's an easy, but important step to your everyday skincare routine. Dior's cleansers and toners thoroughly cleanse the skin while helping to lock in moisture. Dior skincare is on the cutting edge of technology helping to give you the best result in creating, and maintaining healthy skin.

Dior's Instant Cleansing Water is perfect by the pool to refresh your skin or cleanse on the go while at the beach. It is a transparent water with a pure Lily extract. With one swipe of a cotton pad it efficiently takes off eye and face makeup while leaving your skin refreshed and revitalized.

Dior Snow skincare is the best way to treat your skin and help get rid of those pesky dark spots from the sun. From day to night, it's a clinically proven brightening treatment collection that evens out the complexion, diminishes the appearance of dark spots and increases radiance. Studies show this skincare protects DNA against damage caused by aggressors, repairs existing damage and diminishing dark spots and increasing radiance with visible results in just 15 days.

Dior Snow is a complete collection of skincare products and the more products you use together, the faster results you will get:  A brightening cleanser and toner to prep your skin. A day and night serum designed to protect and control DNA though out the day and correct and repair existing damage at night. Two different textures of moisturizers- the Purifying Fluid is for more oily skin, providing an instant smoothing effect. Skin is matte, pores and imperfections disappear. White Reveal Fresh Cream is lightweight, offering 24 hour hydration. White Reveal Illuminating eye treatment designed with a cooling metal applicator, helps boost circulation and reduce all areas of shadows, as well as reduces puffiness. If you decide to use the Snow line, a must have is the Snow UV 50 Shield. This protective fluid instantly safeguards and hydrates the skin. A powerful UV filter ensures effective protection against spot inducing UV rays.

Capture Totale skincare intensely and rapidly corrects all signs of aging within 15 days by working at the heart if the skin, down to the stem cells. Skin is smoother, firmer and more even from dark spots. With deep radiance restored skins appearance is visibly younger. Capture Totale skincare comes with a Serum Concentrate designed to to penetrate to the deepest layer of skin, correcting all visible signs of aging. Two different day creams, The Multi-perfection Cream is light weight, nourishes and evens out the complexion while soothing and comforting the skin. Haute Nutrition Cream is a more hydrating cream designed for dry skin, infused with amino three fatty acids helping to nourish and even out the complexion. Intensive Night Restorative Cream is specifically formulated for the skin at rest. It infuses the cells with the energy necessary for nighttime regeneration. Smoothed and plumped, the skin appears firm and radiant each morning. Multi-Perfection Eye Cream helps lighten and treat dark circles, minimize fine lines, hydrate and helps take away puffiness.

Capture Totale One Essential is an extremely detoxifying and regenerating pre-serum. It's designed to boost the benefits of any skincare by 50% or 300 to 400 times each of your skincare's active ingredients. Studies show in 6 weeks, it repairs the visible damage caused by one year of aging in the skin. With 15 years of research and 10 patents One Essential is the perfect add on to any skincare routine, making results appear faster and more effective.


Diorsnow BB Cream is a lightweight tinted beauty balm that evens out the complexion while brightening the skin, reducing dark spots and protecting against UV damage with an SPF 50. The velvety texture delivers a natural looking coverage for a perfectly flawless face. This product is sold exclusively at area Dior counters.

Hydralife BB Cream is a beauty balm helping the balance the skin, correct the complexion and protect skins youthful appearance.Hydralife BB cream helps hydrate the skin while protecting with SPF 30. This product is sold exclusively at Sephora.

Hydralife Tinted Moisturizer is lightweight and gives the skin an ultra luminous healthy glow. With the same technology as Hydralife skincare, this helps the skin look more even while adding the benefit of SPF 20. You can apply on its own or for more comfort after Hydralife moisturizer.

Airflash is a light weight airbrushed foundation. It has pearlized pigments and light reflectors making the skin flawless and radiant. Infused with mineralized water it leave skin looking smooth and healthy. Drying down to a powder its perfect to use over liquid foundation or all by itself. (Jen loves Airflash)

Nude Sun Powder Bronzers and Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder is a must have for summer! Each Sun Powder when applied to the skin warms and enhances the natural undertone of your skin, giving you the perfect bronze match every time. The Enhancing Powder features a mineral prism technology, creating an energized and natural glowing complexion.

Dior Bronze Self Tanners are perfect for the working girl who wants to look like she's vacationing on the islands. A self tanning range that offers a natural, even luminous tan. Infused with plant extracts helping stimulate endorphins, the molecules of happiness! Formulas are available for face and body.


Dior's Summer Croisette is a colorful and vibrant collection with golds and bronzes paired with deep oranges and sea shades giving you the look of the French Rivera.

Limited edition 5 Pan eye shadows comes in two different color collection choices. Swimming Pool focuses on blues and turquioses. While Aurora has yellows, bronzes and oranges.

Couleur Eye Gloss is sure to be a favorite. This cream to powder eye shadow gives a wet finish. It can be used as a shadow alone or as a shadow primer. Comes in two colors Tan and Sunrise. This product is exclusive to Sephora.

Dior Addict Lip Balm in Crystal Coral hydrates and plumps while giving a beautiful hint of coral color to the lips. It can be used alone or under your favorite lipstick. This product is exclusive to Sephora.

Limited edition shades of Dior Addict lipstick and Ultra gloss are flirty but subtle shades. Each in their own colors of bronze and corals are the perfect pick me up to any outfit.

Diorshow Waterproof Iconic Mascara is your lash curler. This Mascara physically curls, separates and lengthens your lashes. Layer this one first then apply either Show or Blackout for added volume.

Diorshow Waterproof Mascara makes lashes have Super volume with giving a nice fan effect to the lashes.

Diorshow Waterproof Blackout Mascara is for your beach Diva. This ultra coal black mascara is 15 times darker than any black mascara on the market. It gives super volume to the lashes while giving that extra dark color. This is a product you can only get at Sephora.

Natalie Fanell Bard
Education/Selling Specialist for Christian Dior Parfums



How to Look Awake!

For us moms, nights of quality sleep are often few and far between.  What's the secret to looking more awake and alive than we feel? Our Dior Beauty Pro, Natalie Fanell, share these great pick-me-up tips:

Great skincare is where it all starts! Depriving our bodies of adequate rest definitely has a negative effect on our skin.  Spending a few minutes to give your sleep-starved skin some attention will give you great results.

Jen's TV schedule has her alarm going off at 2:45 am! She uses several of these products and says they've made a big, positive difference:

Dior's Capture Totale skincare line is really the best way to make tired skin look healthy, youthful and more luminous. The Capture Totale products use Aminolumine, an ingrediant 6 times more effective than Vitamin C, which reduces protein oxidation levels of the skin by 85%, giving your skin a "child like glow" everyday.

The Capture Totale Night Cream is crucial for skin on long, tired days. This night cream has Calamansi, which helps repair and restore the skin while you sleep, leaving your skin always looking "rested" and energized in the morning. Capture Totale eye cream along with Capture Totale Eye Essential helps to increase circulation around the eye helping those dark circles, from lack of sleep, appear lighter and more rested.

Complexion- After prepping your skin properly, foundation helps keep your skin looking more even-toned and flawless. On-the-go moms, need Airflash (it's what Jen uses). This spray-on foundation is quick, fast and easy, and it lasts and lasts making your skin look poreless and radiant. You can apply Airflash by spraying directly on the face, and buffing with a big fluffy brush; or by spraying it on the brush and buffing on the face.  You can use it as a stand alone foundation, or as a finishing powder to a liquid foundation. Airflash dries down to a powder so, don't use powder of any kind after applying this onto the skin. The mother of pearl inside this product makes skin look amazing!

Forever Liquid or Powder foundation is another "go to" for tired, busy moms. This all-day wearing foundation, once applied, actually "reads" your skin, and adapts if you are dry or oily, so you will always have the perfect flawless finish.

Skinflash also helps tired eyes look more rested. This exclusive and unique product is a hybrid in may ways. It acts as a concealer, shadow primer, and line smoother. And, it is designed to plump and tighten the skin, creating a light-reflecting effect for an instant boost of radiance.

Eyes- No matter if you get 8 or 4 hours of sleep a night, doing a pop of color on the eyes, with a little liner and lashes always makes the difference. Dior 5 pan eyeshadows are the perfect way to create many different looks in a compact case. Whether you use one or all five shadows on your eyes at a time, the intense colors, and the way they blend, will make your eyes look more rested. Diorshow Mascara is a must have for any woman. In four different formulas, this revolutionary mascara makes your eyes look wider and making your lashes always looking fuller, thicker, longer, and, even more curled!

Cheeks-Dior blush in Strawberry Sorbet is the perfect blush for those on-the-run days. This long-lasting blush helps the skin look smoother by creating either a light or bright cheek, depending on your preference.

Lips-All of us need a little color on the lips to make us look alive. Dior Rouge 644 is an amazing reddish pink that gives the lips a naturally rosy look. This collection of lipsticks, provides ultimate color intensity and radiance to the lips while also giving exceptional hydration to those dry chapped lips from the cold weather.

To contact Natalie Fanell, Education/Selling Specialist for Christian Dior Parfums: natalie.fanell@gmail.com


About Natalie

Natalie Fanell defines her creativity as an artist by recognizing a woman's uniqueness and giving her the tools she needs to enhance her best qualities. As part of this philosophy, Natalie doesn't believe in using one "standard" color palette and feels by expermenting with color, she "inspires new emotions and confidence within a person."

Natalie's career as a makeup artist has included work in theater, as well as extensive training with a variety of cosmetic companies. In college Natalie worked in cosmetics, training and doing artistry, but ending up in the television news industry. Now, she's traded her microphone for makeup brushes. Natalie's creativity has led her back to the cosmetic world, making women feel good about themselves.

Natalie was trained by Celebrity Makeup Artist and a Elite group of Trainers from specific brand companies. She travels Pittsburgh, Cleveland and parts of NY training and specializing in in artistry and skin care.

As an Artist and Selling Specialist - Natalie encourages every woman to project their inner beauty by using the incredible resources available from Dior. Her love and knowledge of skin care allows her clients to feel confident with or without makeup. Natalie says, "There are many looks each woman can wear, but each should always reflect who you are, and who you're looking to be."

To contact Natalie: natalie.fanell@gmail.com




Your Caring Hands

 Here are some ways to take care of your hands and nails and keep them pretty and protected:

• Don't try to trim your cuticles yourself.  Cuticles serve the important purpose of protecting the nail bed from bacteria. Professionals know proper trimming techniques, the rest of us are better off pushing our cuticles  back with a washcloth in the shower or lightly with an organgewood stick and some cuticle oil.

• Use a cuticle lotion or oil (even the olive oil from your kitchen cupboard does the trick!) - best time to massage it in and get maximum soak time is right before bed. Keep a little bottle on your night stand, and use it!

• Keep a hand lotion at the sinks.  Use it after washing your hands.

• Exfoliate your hands with the same kinds of scrubs you use on the rest of your body.  Once or twice a week does the trick. This process removes dry, dead skin cells.  Follow up with lotion. 

• Use sunscreen on your hands! Think of driving...your hands need that protection!

• Try light, natural nail colors.  They give a nice, clean finish, and you don't have to worry about refreshing them as often because chipping isn't as noticeable. 



Stand Tall

Stand tall to appear more in control. Studies suggest otheres are more receptive to our ideas when we stand up straight!

To improve your posture, imagine a rope pulling your head up, keep your shoulders back. There you go! Better appearance...better mood.

Practice: Stand like the models do! Keep one leg slightly in front of the other and rest your weight on the back foot. Give a slight twist, it will cause your pelvis and torso and shoulders to appear lighter and more graceful. Take a deep breath while pulling your belly button in and you just shaved off 10 pounds for your holiday picture.

When you meet someone or begin a conversation, spend at least 10 seconds looking straight into the other persons eyes. Looking into someone's eyes lets them know you are listening, staying connected and interested in the conversation.




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