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Here's to a Healthy Heart

February is a time to focus on keeping your caring heart strong and healthy.  Enjoy these delicious recipes that are good for your heart! They come to us from heart experts at Allegheny General Hospital, and the American Heart Association.

Heart Healthy Taco Soup

This tastes great, is easy to make, and best of all it's good for your heart!

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Heart Healthy Slow Cooker Chicken with Artichoke Hearts

Add a little glitz going in your slow cooker with this elegant recipe.  Perfect for a romantic dinner!


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Heart Healthy Salmon Cakes

Work some healthy Omega 3 fatty acids into your diet with this easy recipe for tasty salmon cakes.

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Heart Healthy Mexican Breakfast Wrap

Get your day started in a heart healthy way with this easy, delicious breakfast wrap.  The kids will like these too, and guess what? These also freeze well! Make a bunch on a Sunday afternoon, wrap each in wax paper and store in freezer bags.  Just heat and go in the morning!

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Heart Healthy Chocolate-Banana Treat

Gotta have some chocolate? No problem...try this, worry free! This tasty treat fits in just fine with a heart healthy eating plan.

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