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Create a No-Stress Zone

Your home should be your sanctuary...your retreat...your safe zone.  Is your home doing its job for you?  Organize your schedule and your home and imporove your quality of life!

The Clutter-Effect

Getting cleaned up isn't just about making things look pretty.  Think for a minute about the negative effects of disorganization:

  • When we're not able to find what we're looking for, it causes stress (Where the heck are my keys?!?!?!)
  • When we're surrounded by things we don't need, we feel unsettled, overwhelmed and out of control.
  • It's hard to feel optimistic or motivated when your surroundinds are cluttered.
  • It's hard to think clearly with confusion all around you.
  • Lots of clutter in high-traffic areas increases the risk of someone getting hurt.

When you're trying to manage your own life as well as someone elses, you need to be organized and efficient to the extreme.  It's really about taking control.

An easy way to start is simply by looking around the space you're in now.  Focus on one thing at a time and ask yourself:

  • Does this bring me joy?
  • Do I actually use it?

Don't hang onto something you don't need or want just because you feel obligated (it was a gift), or you just don't have the time to deal with it. 

Although it may seem overwhelming at first, getting rid of some of that clutter will get rid of some of the negative energy around you.  A clean space represents hope and possibility, and allows you to see clearly what you are able to accomplish.

This information is from Take Care Tips (St. Lynn's Press)


Get Organized!: The 10-Minute Power Session

Physical clutter around us (those papers stacked up on the kitchen counter, endless To Do lists, etc.) has a way of getting into and cluttering up our minds!

Professional organizers like to say that clutter represents unmade decisions.

Hmmm, so there's a psychological component involved here, too. Don't dwell on it, get decisive this month! Focus on reserving little ten minute chunks of time for various tasks in your life. Sit down and devote ten minutes to meal planning, ten minutes to organizing a grocery shopping list, ten minutes to going through that stack of mail.

Go for speed during your Ten Minute Power Sessions. Only allow yourself ten minutes to make the needed decisions, and move on.

I'll bet you'll be surprised at how much you can accomplish, and I know you'll be happy with the satisfied feeling that comes when you're able to cross some things off your list and stop worrying about HOW and WHEN they're going to be done.

Clean that Kitchen

Not sure where to start? Here is a list that may give you some ideas and help to nudge you into action!

  • The utensil drawer or jar - Sort through and toss all broken pieces. How many spatulas do you really need (or use)? Donate extras or give to your kids to use as drum sticks!
  • The spice rack - Spices don't last forever. Check expiration dates and toss old ones.
  • The Media drawer - Do you really need that phone book from 1980?
  • The junk drawer - Okay, it's called "junk" for a reason. If you really won't use it, toss or recycle.
  • Your plastic lids and bowls - You may only have a few trusted pieces that you always grab when needed. The rest? They are just taking up space! Recycle them!
  • The fridge - Check dates on everything--including your mustard collection--and toss all that have expired. Then, scrub down the shelves and walls of your fridge with warm, soapy water.
  • The freezer - could be scary, but be brave and dive in! Again, check all dates. Most meats, when properly frozen, will keep for 3-4 months.
  • Cleaning supplies - These have expiration dates too! Also check for leaks and spills. Buy new sponges - old ones are breeding grounds for bacteria.
  • Medicine cabinet - Look carefully at each medication and throw out all that have expired. 

Maximize Your Storage

Is it a bucket or an art supply caddy? 
Is it an under-the-bed rolling storage container, or is it a game and puzzle cart that can be kept under the couch in the family room?

It is what you say it is!

Customize your storage easily and inexpensively by re-purposing everyday items.

In selecting an efficient container, expert organizers say to look for something that:

  1. is sized to take up all the available space in the storage area so that you can maximize that prime piece of real estate.  To fill a large space, use multiple stackable containers with lids.
  2. is see-through or allows you to clearly label it for fast finding
  3. is sturdy enough to handle being bumped around and moved in and out as needed.

Go through your storage containers for things that you don't regularly use as least once a year to make sure you still need everything that's in there.  If you don't, let it go!



Think Ahead

Make wrapping those gifts easy by taking a few minutes to gather your stuff and set up a gift wrap center now.  You can keep your supplies in a laundry basket, clean trash can, under the bed storage box, or similiar storage container.  Include sissors, tape, gift tags, pens, wrapping paper, bows and ribbon and tissue paper.  With everything in one place wrapping a few presents here and there is there's no build up that requires a marathon wrapping session to dig out of!

Think ahead when it comes to holiday mailings, too.  Schedule a date on your planner now to write your holiday greetings.  Buy stamps and mailing supplies now to have on hand. 

Now's also a good time to think ahead when you're at the dry-cleaner dropping off regular items...take your holiday outfits, and any table linens that need to be cleaned and pressed.  Doing it now means no last minute rush!



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